Tuesday, October 23, 2018


WALT: Be more descriptive with
detail and feelings in writing a recount

WOW, On Thursday 11th of
October 4:30pm my family and
I went to Sylvia Park. Did you
know that the sun was shining like
a bright light. It was as hot as a boiling
pot on me. I was very excited to go
to the movies to watch a new fantastic

Firstly,  we went to PaknSave to get
us something to eat for lunch! I could
smell chicken and I could hear lots of people
talking and yelling.  After that
we went to the cinemas in Theatre 2
to watch Goosebumps 2 - Haunted

I was so excited because I thought
that Goosebumps 2  would have been
better than Goosebumps 1.

I felt very sleepy because the movie
was a 1 hour and 40 minutes movie.
Half way through the movie it started
to get boring.
When the movie finished my big
sister (Paris) said to me and my other
sister (Savannah)   
“come let's go find mum and dad”

A few minutes later we found our
parents, my sister said “ what took
you guys ages” they said  “ we went to
find somewhere to get a coffee”

In conclusion, I was so excited to go
to the movies, but then I felt nervous
because the movies were packed and
too loud and the movie was boring!

Next time I will chose a fun movie for
my family and I to watch.