Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Picture key:

What could be happening in these pictures?  Come up with a thoughtful and creative story for each picture.

In a very huge suit there was something flying around the galaxy.As we walked forward we saw an animal that escaped from the zoo to take a journey around the planets on onto the moon.

What if?:key

What if we started building houses on the moon?  
Who would live there? What might the consequences
of this be?  Do you agree to do this?

What if we started building houses on the moon?We would need to bring a oxygen boxes with us, some warm or hot clothes and some delicious food with us to.
Who would live there?Hardly anyone/not that much people would live there.
What might the consequences of this be?The consequences will be like don’t
bring dangerous things from the moon back to New Zealand or whatever country.

Do you agree to do this?No

Interview key:

Imagine you are going to interview the Sun.  Write 13 questions that you would ask.

WALT: Write 13 questions that you would ask.

Why is the sun so hot? The sun's surface is about 6,000 Kelvin, which
is 10,340 degrees
Is the sun a star?Yes
How long does it take to travel around the sun?365.256 days
How close can we get towards the sun?95 yards
How long is a day in the sun?24 hours and 56 minutes
Is earth closer or further to the sun when it’s winter?Earth is further
from the sun when it is winter
How long can we live without the sun?For a few million years
How far does it get from the sun to earth?149.6 million kilometers
How long does it take to get to the sun in a rocket?156 days
How many times is the sun brighter than the moon?600,000 times
How long does it take light to go to the sun to earth?8 ⅓ minutes
How long does it take the sun to turn once on its axis?on the equator
side it takes 27 days and on the poles side it takes 35 days
How many times heavier than the sun to earth?333,000 times heavier than

Invention key:

Invent a game for others to play on the moon!

Word find
The words I am going to use is
  1. Solar system
  2. Sun
  3. Moon
  4. Planets
  5. Star
  6. Mercury
  7. Venus
  8. Earth
  9. Jupiter
  10. Uranus
  11. Saturn
  12. Neptune
  13. Mars

  I will get a paper write all the words about
the solar system including solar system.

I will print lots of papers of the word search than
you will do it yourself .

Season peom

WALT:Include a season and one word from our first language.The challenge for this activity was when we had to make our poems rhyme.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Comparison key:

What are the similarities and differences between
Mars and Earth?

Question Key:

Write 24 questions with the word sun in it?

What is the sun? What is the sun made of?
How big is the sun?
How heavy is the sun?
How old is the sun?
How hot is the sun?
Can the sun be dangerous?
Why do we study the sun?
How do scientist study the sun?
What type of star is the sun?
Why is it important to study the sun?
How does one person study the sun?
Does the sun have a surface?
Does the brightness of the sun change over time?
How does the sun work(what goes inside)?
What does the sun affect?
Why don’t people go near the sun?
Who was the first scientist to study the sun?
Why did the scientist study the sun?
Why is the sun important to earth?
Why do we have the sun?
Why is the sun a star?
Why is the sun there?
What’s inside is the sun?

Bar Key:

Use the BAR key to improve the
design of at least two of these options..

 I improved this by making speed lights.

Variations Key:

How many ways can you think of to

get people treating our earth better?

  • Not through rubbish
  • Keep the sea clean
  • Help animals
  • Compose our fruit
  • Recycle

Reverse Key:

We know that we stick to the earth, with
the help of gravity...but what if gravity didn’t exist?  What would you do?
  • I wouldn’t know
  • I will get heavy boats
  • Go floating to space
  • See aliens in space
  • Look at the planets
  • Go to the moon
  • Go look at pluto’s moons
  • Look at the dwarf planet
  • Go to mercury
  • Float into the sun
  • Glue myself to my bed
  • Run in the air
  • Put on heavy shoes
  • Play outside all the time
  • Run so quick to school

Prediction key:

Predict how houses on the moon might look.  Remember, there is no oxygen in space for us to breath!

I predict if there was a house on
the moon there will be cracks in the
house and people will be dying and floating in the air.

Alphabet Key:

Complete and A-Z listing of all
the key topic vocabulary to
do with Earth and Beyond.

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Black hole










Kerr black hole


Magnet field






Solar flare






Yellow dwarf star