Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Having seasons.
Why do we have seasons?

Firstly, did you know we have seasons because earth tilts,
every 3 months the seasons change like December,
January and February it is Summer,March,  April
and May is when It is Autumn,June, July and August
is when it is Winter and September , October and
November is when it is Spring.

Secondly, animal babies are born in spring because
there is lots of food that is available and there are longer
days. Did you know, in summer there is Christmas,there
are longer days, shorter nights. In Summer it is very
boiling. In Winter it is freezing,we have warm food in
winter, It is very cloudy too in winter. When it is Autumn
Leaves come of the trees,It is cooler in Autumn too. When
the Earth is facing towards the sun it means that it is Autumn,
when it is Spring animal babies are born , plants and flowers
grow too.

Thirdly, earth is tilted at an angle,earth takes a year journey
around the sun, that is why we take 1 year(365) days around
the sun. The angle that earth is on is 23.5.This means the earth
is always pointing one side as it goes around the sun. The 4
seasons happen because the earth is tilted on its axis. Did
you know, Earths axis tilts on the northern hemisphere towards
the sun when it is summer.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Walking water

How the  experiment works

On Thursday last week Room 8 and Mrs Bracey did a science experiment
called Walking Water .

Firstly,Mrs Bracey placed seven cups on the table then she put water in 4
cups and left the rest with no water,she had food colouring the colours that
Mr Bracey put in was whero(Red),Kowhai(Yellow),kikorangi(Blue) and she
put strips in to ,she put 3 drips of food colouring in the cups with water.
After Ms Bracey set the experiment she called the whole class to come
down to the mat. When we got to the mat she told everyone to get their
pens from their tot tray, she told us to  grab our own pens from our tot
tray, then she asked people if the all got a pen, some people said they
didn’t have pen so Mrs Bracey told us to wait on the right side of the
table so Mrs Bracey could give us a pen.

Secondly, Mrs Bracey asked people to predict what would happen
to the science experiment that we did. She put the primary food colouring
colours in side the cups that had water in it,then she put strips that looked
like a paper into the empty cup and the cup with water.Did you know,
that the primary colours transferred from the cups with food colouring
to the cups with no water and food colouring.

Thirdly,Mrs Bracey asked group by group to come up and take a little
peek at what was happening when she put the strips into the cups
with food colouring.

Lastly,when I walked inside Room 8 on friday I saw the primary colours
were mixed together , as soon as I got into class i saw that the
primary colours changed colours like red and yellow made orange,
yellow and blue made green and blue and white made light blue.

That is the science experience Room 8 did.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Day and night

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How we have day and night

First,the earth is always spinning on it axis.
Then the northern hemisphere leans towards
the sun so that means that the southern hemisphere
is not facing the sun because it is night time there.

Secondly, earth is not straight earth is actually tilted
but this tilt don’t cause one part of the earth to lean
towards the sun.The day and night goes nowhere it
is just us the go somewhere.

Next,the movement is called earth’s rotation.We are
on the planet earth and earth always moves
around the sun so we can have day and night.
There is an invisible line going through the
earth because half of the earth is south pole
and the other half of earth the north pole.
Now you know why we get day and night.

In room 8 we did some paragraphs about day and
night and how we have day and night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Solar System


For my puzzle piece i had a 1/20 piece. It was a mystery to see
what it would turn out like, when i was looking at my 1/20 puzzle
piece people told me to imagine it. Did you know that I had to
enlarge my 1/20 piece to the bigger sized paper. Drawing my solar
system was an adventure. The challenge was when we had to enlarge the little piece of paper to the larger paper.
WALT: use specific vocabulary.

Monday, May 21, 2018

My pepeha

In Room 8 we did a pepeha on screencastify.The fun thing about doing my pepeha was doing a screencastify. The challenge was translating our first language onto the slide that we did our pepeha on.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Telling the time

My group and I got a math problem.
It was very enjoyable.What I liked about it was working it out as a group.

The challenge for me was to present in front of the class.

Going kiwisports

Last week Monday Room 8 went to volleyball.When we got there saw volleyball nets and some practise volleyball balls.We saw a coach standing there waiting for us to be quiet so she can introduced herself.She said “ Hi my name is"Elenor”.Then she said call me coach if my name is too hard to pronounce.After she introduced herself she said we were going to do a warm up.After we did a warm up we learnt how to serve,shift,pose and get into position.

The challenge for me was hitting the ball over the net because the strong wind was pushing the light practice ball.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Iron sport

I have learnt how to embed a photo or video.