Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Panmure Bridge.

Middle school went to the Yacht club to view the site of the
1st Bridge that was built.The first Bridge was a swing Bridge
.The Swing Bridge got knocked down because it was unsafe
for people to walk and drive across.Some of the swing
bridges parts got knocked down and  the rest of the swing
bridge got burnt. Farmers use to go across the sea to go
to the Pakurange field to plant vegetables.Hemi sails
across the sea to go to Pakuranga field to plant vegetables,
he transported from Panmure to Pakuranga in a punt
so he can go to the Pakuranga field to grow some plants
like oats, fruits and vegetables.

Two weeks ago in America a foot bridge collapsed
over the passing cars on a eight lane highway.
The workers built the Bridge for the pedestrians to
walk over. They built the Bridge with steel,concrete,
wood or Quartz.When the collapse happen the engineers
came to help the people survive. The workers built
the bridge with in 6 hours. They built the bridge for
the students to walk over.During the collapse 4 people
died and some people got seriously injured.

I made my little recount about the Panmure and
America's Bridges.

The difficult thing for me when I did this was explaining
in full sentences.

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