Sunday, May 20, 2018

My pepeha

In Room 8 we did a pepeha on screencastify.The fun thing about doing my pepeha was doing a screencastify.
The challenge was translating our first language onto the slide that we did our pepeha on.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


This is a video about Richie Mccaw delivering milk to schools that do a rap.The fun bit about it was when the other groups presented their rap about Richie Mccaw.
The challenge was when we had to think of a rap to rythme Richie Mccaw.


My group and I got a math problem.
It was very enjoyable.What I liked about it was working it out as a group.

The challenge for me was to present in front of the class.


Last week Monday Room 8 went to volleyball.When we got there saw volleyball nets and some practise volleyball balls.We saw a coach standing there waiting for us to be quiet so she can introduced herself.She said “ Hi my name is"Elenor”.Then she said call me coach if my name is too hard to pronounce.After she introduced herself she said we were going to do a warm up.After we did a warm up we learnt how to serve,shift,pose and get into position.

The challenge for me was hitting the ball over the net because the strong wind was pushing the light practice ball.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Iron sport

I have learnt how to embed a photo or video.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Comic strip

I created this cartoon on a google drawing about the school rules.
What I can do next time is add more photos to make it more detailed.

Monday, April 9, 2018

First Panmure Bridge.

Middle school went to the Yacht club to view the site of the
1st Bridge that was built.The first Bridge was a swing Bridge
.The Swing Bridge got knocked down because it was unsafe
for people to walk and drive across.Some of the swing
bridges parts got knocked down and  the rest of the swing
bridge got burnt. Farmers use to go across the sea to go
to the Pakurange field to plant vegetables.Hemi sails
across the sea to go to Pakuranga field to plant vegetables,
he transported from Panmure to Pakuranga in a punt
so he can go to the Pakuranga field to grow some plants
like oats, fruits and vegetables.

Two weeks ago in America a foot bridge collapsed
over the passing cars on a eight lane highway.
The workers built the Bridge for the pedestrians to
walk over. They built the Bridge with steel,concrete,
wood or Quartz.When the collapse happen the engineers
came to help the people survive. The workers built
the bridge with in 6 hours. They built the bridge for
the students to walk over.During the collapse 4 people
died and some people got seriously injured.

I made my little recount about the Panmure and
America's Bridges.

The difficult thing for me when I did this was explaining
in full sentences.

Sgraffito of Mokoia Pa

Walt:I learnt how to create a scraffito.I learnt about Mokoia Pa.We also learnt about the two previous Panmure Bridge           

 My sgraffito shows Mokoia Pa, which was a volcano that grew
vegetables because it had fertile soil. They also had fish to eat.
The Tamaki River was near Mokoia Pa.
Later on there was a swing bridge,Panmure Bridge.
The fish that the people ate was fish from the Tamaki River.
The Fortified Pa was a village for the Maori’s to live on.
The village was on a hill so the Maori people can
see who is coming from different Iwi’s.

My challenge for me was trying to know how to remember the colors and
my challenge for me was making a sgraffito about Panmure.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

All about my life

Talofa lava,Kia orana and greetings to you all,my name is Alyssa I am a Year 6 who goes to Tamaki Primary school.I am 10 Years old.I am in Room 8 and my teachers name is Ms Bracey.I am Maori.My favourite subject is Math.My favourite food is chocolate.Some things I like to do in my spare time is play with my friends,family and I like to watch T.V and sleep.I love my family and my friends.I am good at playing sports.The things I enjoy doing is Math and playing with my family and freinds.My challenges are doing harder work.My goal for this year is challenging myself and learning my tenses.I am looking forward to achieving my goals and achieving my challenges,someone who inspires me is my Mum because she always encourages me and she supports me.I am looking forward to blog more and I really like helping people when they are stuck on things.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Te Tuhi

Te Tuhi

When:During term 1

Where:Te Tuhi, Pakuranga.

Who:Room 8

How:We travelled on a bus.

Why:Create art,looked at art

What:First we all painted a A4 piece of paper black with a
paintbrush.We sketched the black paper with a sharp
carving tool.Then we got an word to trace then we had
to draw native things from New zealand.The
sentences we made was called OUR HOME

Lagoon pools

When:Tamaki primary school went to panmure lagoon pools during term 1.

Where:At the panmure lagoon pools.

Who:Tamaki primary school

How:Tamaki primary school travelled on a bus.

Why:Tamaki primary school went to the lagoon pools so we can have fun as a whole school.

What:Middle school went in the baby pool and the deep pool,Then after morning
tea we went on the slide,After people went on the slide we just had
free time in the deep and shallow pool.

Mokoia Pa

Alyssa Mokoia Pa
When:On Friday the 15th

Where:Mokoia Pa in Panmure

Who:Room 5,6,7,8,teachers and parent helpers.

How:We walked

Why:We went to Mokoia Pa to see the people who lived before us.

What:We went to Mokoia Pa so we can learn about the lakes and
about how people in the olden days lived and why the IwI’s
were gathering together to try fight for Tamaki’s river.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Waka tapu By:Jeff Evans

I listened and read this article

What:A long time ago polynesian Voyages have been on  a long and dangerous journey to Rapa Nui.

Where:Polynesians sailed 10 000 nautical miles going to Rapa Nui and Back to New Zealand.

When:This happened on the year of 2012 and about voyages on two waka's.

Who:They are talking about voyages that are travelling on waka's to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) for the Navigators.

Why:They did it because they were doing a task for the Navigators.

How:They travelled on two waka's to Rapa Nui for the Navigators and they travelled 10 000 nautical miles to Rapa Nui  and back.