Thursday, November 29, 2018

Be Internet awesome

This is a game called " Kind Kingdom"
The game kind kingdom is when you cheer people up when they are sad. If you make someone happy on kind kingdom you get 10 points. The aim of the game is to give people on kind kingdom positive emojis.  I really enjoy making people feel happy online.
Try this game and comment on my blog if you enjoyed playing this game.
Kind Kingdom - Interland

Thursday, November 22, 2018

2018 Blog Post

My top month for posting was July.
On July my posting got high because it was in the
middle of the year and that was when we did lots of 

My lowest month for posting was October.
On January and February my posting was low because 
it was the holidays.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Spy gadget

WALT: Improve technology spy gadget.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Flag Football

OMG, On Monday 29th of October students in Room 8 went
to the hall for  kiwisport, the sport we did was Flag Football.

Firstly, the coaches explained to us what Flag Football
is similar to. They said that Flag Football is like American
Football or Rippa Rugby.  After they explained to us about
what Flag Football is like they explained to us about what is
on the ball.

Secondly, they said that we had to put our pointing finger on
the white line, then they said that we had to spread the rest of
our fingers on the laces. Did you know that we had to make a
diamond shape  before we caught the ball? When we caught
the ball we had to wrap the ball around our elbow and chest.
We had to leave a gap between our hands so we can aim straight.

It was really fun doing Flag Football with our peers and
coaches. I hope we have much more fun than this session.

Making connections

Friday, November 2, 2018

Math strategy

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


WALT: Be more descriptive with
detail and feelings in writing a recount

WOW, On Thursday 11th of
October 4:30pm my family and
I went to Sylvia Park. Did you
know that the sun was shining like
a bright light. It was as hot as a boiling
pot on me. I was very excited to go
to the movies to watch a new fantastic

Firstly,  we went to PaknSave to get
us something to eat for lunch! I could
smell chicken and I could hear lots of people
talking and yelling.  After that
we went to the cinemas in Theatre 2
to watch Goosebumps 2 - Haunted

I was so excited because I thought
that Goosebumps 2  would have been
better than Goosebumps 1.

I felt very sleepy because the movie
was a 1 hour and 40 minutes movie.
Half way through the movie it started
to get boring.
When the movie finished my big
sister (Paris) said to me and my other
sister (Savannah)   
“come let's go find mum and dad”

A few minutes later we found our
parents, my sister said “ what took
you guys ages” they said  “ we went to
find somewhere to get a coffee”

In conclusion, I was so excited to go
to the movies, but then I felt nervous
because the movies were packed and
too loud and the movie was boring!

Next time I will chose a fun movie for
my family and I to watch.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Boxing feedback

WALT:Learning how to box using the 3

Respect - I have respect for myself,my
couch,my peers and the sport of boxing.

Safety - I will not cause harm to others and
only practises boxing at a safe standard.

Discipline - I will have the discipline to turn
up to every boxing session and give my 100%

I would like to learn more boxing skills and I
would like longer time to spend at boxing

Thank you Pax

Tuakana Teina

On Wednesday the 20th of September
Room 8 went to our buddy class Room 3.

Firstly, Room 8 were talking with Mrs
Fepulea'i about the expected
behaviours around young children.
After Mrs Fepulea’i and Room 8 were
talking about the expected behaviours she
told Room 8 that we had to
line up behind me or Manaia so we
can go to Room 3.

Secondly, when Room 8 got to Room 3
we had to sit on the mat and look at
a google slide show that Miss Gormlie
created about earthquakes. A few seconds
later  Room 5,8 and 3 had to go outside so
Mrs Fepulea’i can sort out the groups, after
Mrs Fepulea’i sorted out the
groups she said that we had to go to a lady
to get a paper and pen for our plan.

Thirdly, after we planned our unbreakable
earthquake house we had to record us saying
what items we are going to use and where we
are going to put the items. A few minutes
later Miss Gormlie and Mrs Fepulea’i gave
the groups a milk box each to create
our earthquake proof house.

Finally, When we finished creating our
earthquake proof house we had to tell Miss
Gormlie that we were finished so she can
see if our houses were earthquake proof.  
When Miss Gormly finished shaking our
house on a cardboard she told us to pack up
the class. I enjoyed this activity because I
wanted to spend time with my buddys in
Room 3.

In conclusion, creating an earthquake
proof house was very much fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Chatter box

Wow, we made a chatterbox.
On Tuesday the 4th of September
the students in Room 8 made a chatterbox.

Firstly, Mrs Bracey ripped
papers from magazine pages
and told the class to pass the
paper around. Then she told us
that we had to follow the instructions for
a cool activity called “chatterbox(fortune teller).

P2: A few seconds later we got
told to cut the paper with scissors
that got given to us, then we had
to fold the magazine from each corner
(4 corners),  than we had to
turn the paper around and repeat
what we did before. Seconds later
we had to fold the side that we did
and then walla a chatterbox was
made, but then I noticed that the chatterbox
looked like a lion's claw.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cross country

On a beautiful sunny day kids from
Tamaki primary and other schools went
to cross country at Bailey road school.
It was a tiering race, I ran 2 laps around
a big school. When the year 4,3, and 5 ran I
felt so nervous, but when it was year 6 girls
to run I felt confidence. When we were running
I got tired fast. It was really fun at Bailey road school.

Magic snow

Magic snow
WALT: A science experiment with polymer to write a
recount from the experience.

Beautiful, magic snow! On the morning of Wednesday
29th of August Room 8 took part of a science experiment.

Firstly, Mrs Bracey was explaining to Room 8 about the
history of magic snow. The product is called polymer,
we can use polymer for science. Room 8 was listening
to Mrs Bracey while she was doing step by step on the experiment. People didn’t sell magic snow because
parents weren’t reading the instructions at the back
of the packet in whero( red).

Secondly, When my group got given the magic snow
packet we cut it with scissors. Then we put the magic
snow into a small plastic cup, we got given ½ of cold
water to put it into a plastic cup.

Finally, When we stirred the magic snow the polymer
rose up. I was very excited because I thought that real
magic with snow was going to actually happen. The magic
snow felt like a sponge.

In conclusion, When we made the magic snow I thought
that it would feel like frozen ice. I felt very excited
because I thought that I was going to turn out good.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Me,Myself and I

WALT: Practising posting positive comments using google 

I am a 10 year old kid that likes to explore, I love to go on
adventures around the world so I know what is happening, but I have enmity issues like a vomiting volcano. I go on mystery adventures
when the sun is out. I love to explore around any volcano like Mount

Alyssa, I really like the way you wrote a simile describing the  character

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Gas trap

WALT:Where do clouds come from?

During Room 8’s science experiment we
found out that when you go through a cloud it would
feel like water dripping down like the rain.  
Did you know that we did this gas trap experiment to study on clouds . Some people were telling other people that they
imagined being next to clouds. It was a mysterious and
imaginary science experiment. When we did this experiment
we found out that the vapour(Gas & liquid) evaporated
(Water rising up). I really enjoyed doing the science experiment.


Boxing with Pax

WALT: Learning boxing skills.

Santa claus

MTA NYC Subway "Train of Many Metals" vintage train passing Ave H.jpgWALT: Write a descriptive orientation( just the beginning) The train 

Santa Claus is a person who is a very big fat old man that delivers thousands of presents.
3 weeks ago Santa Claus got into trouble.
During the very violent thunderstorm his super swifty shiny gold sleigh broke down at the train station.

When Santa Claus jumped out of his shiny gold sleigh he stood on the portal to another world.