Monday, December 5, 2016

WALT : think from somebody else's point of view

Imagine you are one of these people who have been in a terrible earthquake.
Think about how the day that the earthquake hit.
  • What were you doing before it hit?
  • Who were you with?
  • When the earthquake hit, how did you feel? Scared, confused, alarmed?
  • What did you do? Run, scream, get scared and stay still, cry?
  • What did you do next? Try to find friends/family? Hide in a doorway or under a table? Run away?
  • How were you feeling throughout the day?
  • What happened at night - where did you sleep? Was your house okay? Was your family okay?

Write a 100 word (or more) diary entry about your imaginary day.
Try to be as descriptive as possible (use lots of powerful words!)

Start here:The Earth trembles underneath me, The walls start to shake, Rumble...Rumble...Rumble.. It's an earthquake. Hide underneath the table, Try to remain stable, The walls have turned upside down,it's an earthquake. I start to tremble, Is everybody safe?I call out to silence, It's an earthquake.I find shelter and everybody's safe We hug and embrace,It's an earthquake. He plunders my belly, and pierces my skin. But adorns me with riches, that He finds from within. A gift of thorny crowns A demonstration of His claim.But if my bones resist- you die.

we were writing about earthquakes and we were writing poems

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