Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life cycle of a plant

Plants  start out as seeds.the seed grows into a plant.roots grow from the bottom of the seed and shoots grow from the top of the seed.the seed grows a stem and then leaves and flowers.In some plants and flower s turn into fruit.then the fruit has seed can be planted,then the cycle starts again the flower feeds us fruit so we give the flower water,sun,love and soil.

rm 6 was talking about Life cycle of a plant.


Words that you say the same, but have different meanings

Use it in a sentence
That's theirs
Hey that's their netbook so don’t touch it
They are
They’re going to the park
Where you are
I’m going there with her
Bee that stings you
Ouch the  bee stung me at school
Be good
I am going to be good at school
Two apples
At school i ate two apples
Like going somewhere
I’m going to the market do you want to come with me
I love ice - cream too
I love ice - cream me too why don’t we buy some
Dying something
I'm going to dye my hair for the contest
Your died
When i died after 2 years because i had cansa
Something you can eat
Why don’t you invite your friends to eat some mat
Having a meeting
At school i'm having a meet
Working with someone
Like you're working in pairs with people
A fruit
At school i was  eating a pear
Buying something
I am going to buy some milk
Saying bye
I am going to say bye to mum
By someone
This is by someone
turning right
I am turning right so i can say by to mum
Writing something
I am writing something good about school
going somewhere
Belonging to your family
You’re staff
Like something that is yours

Now find 5 more homophones, and find the meaning of them and use them in a sentence.

Use it in a sentence
Something that a whole
It like 1 whole
Something that has a hole
When i went to school it had a hole on the grass
Like the number one
There is 1 kiwi fruit in my bag
Someone won
I won the race
A flower
I growed a flower at my house

room 6 was homo phone some sounds

Monday, June 20, 2016

parts of a plant

    Parts of a plant
Plants have lots of different parts.
There are leaves,shoot,root and flower. Roots carry plants in the soil.stem carry nutrient to all parts of the plants.Some plants live in the desert,water,bushes, gardens and the forest. Shoot grow the food for the animals.the leaves are usually green due to the presence of chlorophyll, which helps them prepare food.They come in different shapes,size and colours.

Image result for plant

room 6 was writing about parts of a plant.We were writing were does it live

Thursday, June 16, 2016

parts of a seed

we were writing about the seed we were writing parts of a seed

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

when we went to the beach

On saturday i went to the beach with my family we went to point engelen we went to look for some seaweed the seed weed it was creepy to touch.  I went far, they was lots of seaweed it was tickling my feet.i keep on finding seaweed the seaweed is green and it looks like a y.2 minutes later i found a rock i  tried to find a rock but i couldn't i keep stepping on the rocks some rocks that i stepped on was sharpe.

Image result for sea weedImage result for shape rock

we were writing about when we went to the 6 was talking about when did you go who did you go with and what did you do

plants that store water

room 6 was writing about plants that store water. miss ashley or mrs sharma did question and we had to answer them

my house

As soon as I get home I step on the steps and open the door.I walk in the house and I walk to my room.I looked at my bed and it was messy.My house is white,red and it is brike.My house is clean but my bed is messy.

we were writing about our house what rd what number house and if it is clean our durty.

walt identify 2d and 3d shapes

we were writing about 3d and 2d shapes

 2d shapes is flat and 3d shapes take the whole space

Monday, June 13, 2016

what does a seed need to grow

this week room 6 were talking about plant.we used green,orange and red dye.we had dye,water,cup,flowers and a spoon to mix the dyes.

Experiment 1

we were talking about plants.we were trying to make the colour green,red and orange change we had 3 cups 1 spoon lost of flowers and 3 dyes.we put water in the cups then dye then we mix and then we but the flowers in and waited for 2 hours for the flower to change colour.

Friday, June 10, 2016


we were writing about pepeha .pepeha is were you live your name and were you come from


we were writing about te re o  we had to write the meanings of the we had to put a photo. we put the photo next to the meaning because you can know what it mean

remembering winter

Remembering Winter
My hand remember eating chicken my feet remembers ice skating my legs remembers of walking on the beach my face remembers of turning red my mind remembers of being freezing.

we were writing about winter.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

my favorite book

writing about my favorite book  we like we write different book's

the six thinking hats

we were writing about the six thinking hat

the charter of the book

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

bath bombs

hi my name is alyssa i am a year 4 i am from tamaki primary school

we used colors for our bath bomb we were working as a term we are a to make the  ath bomb

we put the bath bomb in the bath