Tuesday, May 31, 2016

we were talking about were we went

we learnt about taniwha

Friday, May 27, 2016


we were talking about powerful words about selafina

recoding a bit of my life

At morning tea me, falakika,hope-t and angle played together next to the bike track.We were playing ball before we played ball we played bball.When we were playing ball  the year 7 and 8 were telling us to get off when they told as to get off. We went next to the bike track and started to play ball with hope- t ‘s ball and angle’s ball we were all happy.

this is what is wrote at morning tea

Thursday, May 26, 2016

tane stills the show

we were talking about tane is he samoan try figure it out


Thursday, May 19, 2016

my dream

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WALT use powerful words in our story  a girl & a key

           My Dream
On a beautiful day in my awesome dream I went in  an amazing shiny tunnel. When I went down and down it was super dark. When you first go in the tunnel you well see a beautiful girl name Alyssa. The beautiful girl name Alyssa was well be looking through the tunnel door. Alyssa went to look out at the amazing chocolate and milk volcanoes. It looked like flame. The chocolate  mounted the tunnel was so big. My beautiful dream was super cool.

One day I went out the little door and looked at the beautiful sun I took 2 hours. When It got darker and darker I  could not get out from the beautiful moon. I was stuck in a maze and I  was getting scared the next day they was a lolly tornado I had nothing to cover my staff then after that they came a huge monster that was made out of water I said i want to drink you and he said no I will give you some water please I won’t eat you I will give you healthy water. Alyssa said fine give me beautiful water so the monster gave me healthy water  4 day longer the door went bigger and bigger after that Alyssa got home.The next day Alyssa said to her staff I am not going back in that little maze

Then a magical brave night came his huge monster.The night was handsome her name is Alyssa.Alyssa was using the monster that she find in the maze the monster who gave me the healthy water.The monster never gave up so the night went darker and darker.The night said Delicious monster  tonight then after that the monster said let go home now.

about my dream

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tuna with a magic korokoro

Tuna had a magic korokoro.He bounced out of the lack over alaman rd  over  tamaki primary school over tripoli rd and on to benghazi rd. Tuna jumped in to alyssa’s house tuna opened his waha wide Alyssa grabbed a pio from tuna’s korokoro and then alyssa began to dance after that tuna went  back to the lack

The next day tuna bounced out of the lack over alaman rd  over  tamaki primary school over tripoli rd and on to benghazi rd.  Tuna bounced into alyssa’s whare and opened his waha wide.Alyssa grabbed a piupiu from tuna and started to kanikani alyssa kanikani all day and all night.
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Thank you for reading my story i hoped you enjoyed my amazing story.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Why Tiki is special to me

I like the tiki because it represents all the people who are maori. I like tiki’s because it  is special for nz and for the maori’s. It is made of green stone and looks beautiful and amazing. And it is lucky to have tiki in our homes. It is very important and special for maori.

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this is about why is tiki's important for
maori people

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

the six thinking hats

understand what the six thinking hats are about

The ANZAC button

The ANZAC button with new words

anzac thinking hats

we are going to write about the thinking hat about anzac

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

cinquain poem

1 war

2   killing,fighting

3  shooting,frighting,dangerous

4 scary,death,explosion,fearful

1 blood

about war

the holiday

On a beautiful holiday.  I went to my uncle's house i saw his dog. The dog was gray , flaaffy  it is huge it is a boy he has a curly tale it is funny and it makes laugh.It makes me  happy and  gives me respect. It cleans our maest walles his tale on our face and it tickles it has beautiful brown eyes.

on the beautiful holiday