Monday, April 11, 2016

WALT compare different book's we have read

i learnt how to talk about other books the julia donaldson done .

Main Character
Rhyming words
What happened in the story?
The Gruffalo

A fox was walking in the woods and it’s saw a mouse
terrible,cleroble,poisonous, woisonous,
The mouse was scaring  the animals and talking about the gruffalo and then it was true
Room on the Broom
Witch,dog ,cat,bird,frog and the dragon

She keep losing her stalf
Flying,hiding,climbing, slim,
The witch was keep losing her things & the animals keep finding her stalf


Late to class & not on time
riding,flying , diving,sliding, crab, sad
Tiddler came late everyday he talked to his class he was riding with a ray & diving with a doph
Monkey puzzle


He had lots of friends
Crying ,standing,bigger,smaller
He lost his mum and the butterfly went to ask i have seen your mum & she keep on taking him to other animals

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  1. Hi Alyssa, I like how you have put your WALT in your post so we know what you were learning to do.
    Miss Ashley