Tuesday, April 12, 2016

tiddler Mapping the story

Mapping the story!

The main character is… tiddler
(put a picture here and then describe your character)   
Screenshot 2016-04-11 at 12.15.46.png  blue white black white eyes grey skales late to school

The setting is… in the sea
It was in the sea and tiddler keep being late to school and telling different stories every day to his teach & to the kids at tiddlers school

Interesting words
He got lost in the middle of the sea

He heard a story that let him to school
Register , thrashed, hauling , struggled , dawdling , glimmered , shivered , anchovies , tracking.

i learnt how to write the problem and  Solution  

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  1. Hi Alyssa, you have identified a problem and a solution that happened in the story, well done. You have also got lots of interesting words from the story to show how you can learn from a story.
    Miss Ashley