Friday, April 8, 2016

Julia Donaldson


Find a picture of Julia and put it here.

Research and find the answers to these questions -

  • How old is Julia? she is  67 years old her birthday is on September 16
  • Where does she live?   She lives in glasgow which in uk the kingdom
  • Where was she born? Glasgow is in uk which in kingdom .

  • How many books has she written? She  written 184 books
  • What was the first book she wrote? It was a squash and squeeze
  • What is her favourite book? room on the broom   

Image result for Julia Donaldson

What does she like to eat? Julia Donaldson likes to eat hot cross buns.

What does she like to ride in. Julia Donaldson likes to ride a horse.

what is Julia Donaldson favourite thing to do. Julia Donaldson likes to write stories

Who is Julia Donaldson  best friend . ronald  mcdonald

we are talking about Julia Donaldson we have to ask questions

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