Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Character description

WALT : use adjective to write a Character description .

Eye color

Orange eyes the dad.
Yellow eyes the baby.

Body color

Brown body the dad.
Orange body the baby.

Teeth  how sharp is it.

Sharp teeth the dad.
Theth sole growing.

Wart on their nose

Wart  on his nose on the dad’s nose.
No wart on the baby’s  nose.

How big are they.

The dad is a giant.
The baby is sole small.

Do their have prickles on their back.

The dad has  purple  prickles on his back.
The baby has pink  prickles is his back.

Do they have Wobble nese.

The dad has wobble nese.
The baby does not have wobble nese.

How they felt.

The dad felt happy.
The baby felt happy.

i hat to write a Character description about the story i wrote

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