Monday, April 18, 2016

all about me

Kia ora my name is Alyssa.
My teacher's name is miss Ashley and mrs Sharma, I go to tamaki primary,My favorite sport is touch, And my favorite food is kfc.I'm in room  6 and i am a year 4.what i like to do in school is work very hard. I like art and what i like to learn in class is telling our teach new words that we learnt. My favorite game is apple in the stick and my favorite friend’s is Kika ,Hiria,Hope l
,Angel,Hope t ,Maria and Eve, my favorite colour is blue and my favorite fruit is a banana and a apple, my favorite book is cat in the hat and
my favorite song is all of William Singe

i was writing all about me

Friday, April 15, 2016


28 July 1914

Nz started the war on the 28 of july 1950

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talking about when the war started

cherry trees

we were talking about cherry trees

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Story line

In the white box, find a picture or draw a picture of what happened in that part of the story. In the grey box, write one sentence to summarize what happened there.

Image result for Tiddler was riding a seahorse

Screenshot 2016-04-13 at 10.34.03.png
Screenshot 2016-04-13 at 10.35.02.png
Screenshot 2016-04-13 at 10.40.28.png
Tiddler was riding a seahorse
He was flying a ray
He was diving with a dolphin
He keep on going to school late
He got stark in the treasure chest


Screenshot 2016-04-13 at 10.50.02.png        

The  monkey lost his mum
And then monkey was sad so a butterfly went to the sad monkey
The  butterfly took the sad monkey to a elephant
The  butterfly took the monkey to a snake
And The  butterfly took the monkey to spiders

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Character description

WALT : use adjective to write a Character description .

Eye color

Orange eyes the dad.
Yellow eyes the baby.

Body color

Brown body the dad.
Orange body the baby.

Teeth  how sharp is it.

Sharp teeth the dad.
Theth sole growing.

Wart on their nose

Wart  on his nose on the dad’s nose.
No wart on the baby’s  nose.

How big are they.

The dad is a giant.
The baby is sole small.

Do their have prickles on their back.

The dad has  purple  prickles on his back.
The baby has pink  prickles is his back.

Do they have Wobble nese.

The dad has wobble nese.
The baby does not have wobble nese.

How they felt.

The dad felt happy.
The baby felt happy.

i hat to write a Character description about the story i wrote

tiddler Mapping the story

Mapping the story!

The main character is… tiddler
(put a picture here and then describe your character)   
Screenshot 2016-04-11 at 12.15.46.png  blue white black white eyes grey skales late to school

The setting is… in the sea
It was in the sea and tiddler keep being late to school and telling different stories every day to his teach & to the kids at tiddlers school

Interesting words
He got lost in the middle of the sea

He heard a story that let him to school
Register , thrashed, hauling , struggled , dawdling , glimmered , shivered , anchovies , tracking.

i learnt how to write the problem and  Solution  

Monday, April 11, 2016

athletics day

Athletics day

on monday morning tamaki primary school  went to our house colour we had our race on the count but we started at 11:00  rm tamaki primary  school the whent to our house  colour after we had our race but yr 1 girls and  yr 1 boys had they race  so we But tobruk came first in our race .we were happy and we had a dance comp techn  to have more points the teams is tobruk tripoli,benghazi
nervous but i was happy i came 1 and 2 .

i am going to talk to you about athletics we were in house groups and we had to rest other pepole

using a RECOUNT

20.11.2015 title:shootout
AUTHOR: john lockyer
main characters:pumpkin,hari
SituAtioN:pumpkin threw the ball hard to hari
the problem: haris finger got hurt.
how does the story end? team turbo wins.

i learnt how to write who is going to win our lose

WALT compare different book's we have read

i learnt how to talk about other books the julia donaldson done .

Main Character
Rhyming words
What happened in the story?
The Gruffalo

A fox was walking in the woods and it’s saw a mouse
terrible,cleroble,poisonous, woisonous,
The mouse was scaring  the animals and talking about the gruffalo and then it was true
Room on the Broom
Witch,dog ,cat,bird,frog and the dragon

She keep losing her stalf
Flying,hiding,climbing, slim,
The witch was keep losing her things & the animals keep finding her stalf


Late to class & not on time
riding,flying , diving,sliding, crab, sad
Tiddler came late everyday he talked to his class he was riding with a ray & diving with a doph
Monkey puzzle


He had lots of friends
Crying ,standing,bigger,smaller
He lost his mum and the butterfly went to ask i have seen your mum & she keep on taking him to other animals

WALT find multiple parts of a whole

i learnt 1/4 of other people 1/4 is smaller  then 1/2.i was learning how to  find multiple.

Friday, April 8, 2016

draw the setting

this is the picaties that lives in the sea it is animals that lives in the sea


we were talking about what does it look like what it feels like and what it sounds like

Julia Donaldson


Find a picture of Julia and put it here.

Research and find the answers to these questions -

  • How old is Julia? she is  67 years old her birthday is on September 16
  • Where does she live?   She lives in glasgow which in uk the kingdom
  • Where was she born? Glasgow is in uk which in kingdom .

  • How many books has she written? She  written 184 books
  • What was the first book she wrote? It was a squash and squeeze
  • What is her favourite book? room on the broom   

Image result for Julia Donaldson

What does she like to eat? Julia Donaldson likes to eat hot cross buns.

What does she like to ride in. Julia Donaldson likes to ride a horse.

what is Julia Donaldson favourite thing to do. Julia Donaldson likes to write stories

Who is Julia Donaldson  best friend . ronald  mcdonald

we are talking about Julia Donaldson we have to ask questions

harmony and peace

Rangimarie from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

hi this is what rangimarie represent for our lovely school  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

WALT : ask open ended Q's


what kinds of books do you like to read or write

what is it like in glasgow

when are you coming to nz

why do you live in glasgow

how did you become a atour

When is your birthday

How old are you

Who do you live with

When do you write Q’s

What does it feel like being a  atour

we have done open all about julia donaldsan

open and close

hi this is what we have done we have done open and close we had to ask question and answer the question we write on our net book

Extra work

hi this is what we have done we have done fraction.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WALT : use open and closed question

hi this is what we have do we have done open and close open means like more then 1 and close means but we had to video our stalf

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

water poster

hi this is me alyssa i took this photo so i can tell you.
I put this photo on because i can tell you why is water important for your brain and body it is important for your brain and body so you can get braine.

i am going to put i out side of the office

when i was sceard

when i was scared trying to swim with my sister it felt like my legs were like a strike my arms were cold and it felt like my stomach opened  up Inside. My stomach was rumbling my  and my heart was going to fast I tried to  swim with my sister my stomach felt like they was a butterfly in my tummy .

hi WALT write about when i was scared and we had to write powerful words in my story

Monday, April 4, 2016

my new words for this week

this is me finding words and pictures.

rhyming words

i am rhyming the words that it tell's as

charlie and maria

we were talking about charlie's village and maria's village

why is water important for our brain and body

this is what i learnt about water
i learnt why is water important for our brain and body.

uses of water

i learnt why is water use for

my culture

My culture

I am Maori we like to eat pig and fish
We like to sing and dance we wear puipui we speak Maori we wear moko’s  on our chin.

Image result for moko

i learnt how to talk about my culture

i learnt how to double from stof that is different from my work

i learnt how to find a fraction

i learnt the  meaning of what it is then we were writing  a sentence

three little owls

On night the three awesome owls.One of the owls name was paucy,bill and james.At one beautiful
Night jame’s was the oldest bill was the second oldest
And paucy was the youngest.Then at anter night james saw a man the man’s legs felt like twigs the amazing looking man was cutting the tree. When all the awesome baby’s whent to sleep the beautiful mum went get some beautiful food.When the beautiful mum was gone.

Image result for three owls

i learnt about powerful words by writing a story